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14 Best Luxurious Sleep Gifts of the Year: Ultimate Comfort Guide
14 Best Luxurious Sleep Gifts of the Year: Ultimate Comfort Guide

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Key takeaways:

  • Give luxury sleep gifts to help loved ones relax and sleep better.

  • Matching mommy-and-me gifts like the Trolls pillowcase make cute presents.

  • Candles, pillow mists, and eye masks create a soothing bedtime routine.

  • Hair accessories prevent bedhead and breakage overnight.


Everyone deserves to have amazing beauty sleep.

Of course, it's not always easy.

Whether you have little ones, a busy work schedule, lots of travel, or all of the above—sometimes it seems like a great night's sleep isn't in the cards.


Our luxurious and chic sleep gifts will help you and your loved ones relax while improving your sleep quality.

Blissy offers unparalleled luxury, comfort, and quality, making our products super giftable. Who doesn't want to be pampered!?

Wondering what to get your friends and family this year? We've put together this festive gifting list for the holidays! When you give these Blissy sleep gifts, rest assured that your loved ones will cherish their improved beauty sleep, hair, and skin.

1. Blissy Classic Robe in Leopard

luxurious silk leopard robe

Gift the special lady in your life (whether mom, wife, sister, or college-aged niece) the Blissy Classic Robe in Leopard. It'll help her to have a deluxe experience each night as she winds down.

Our leopard print, mulberry silk robe is perfect for those who love fun, bold patterns, statement pieces—and high-end garments.

The Blissy Classic Robe is intricately crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk of the highest grade. It glides on smoothly while soothing and comforting skin.

Spoil her by gifting her this perfect robe for bedtime!

2. Trolls Sister Power Pillowcase

trolls sister power pillowcase

Looking for the perfect mommy-and-me gift? Our Trolls Sister Power Pillowcase comes in sizes for both children and adults!

The design from the new Trolls Band Together film features adorable Poppy and Viva. Their colorful characters pop against the silken teal backdrop with golden stars—a pillow perfect for sweet dreams.

Plus, mama and her little ones will enjoy all the benefits of sleeping on mulberry silk:

  • Ultra-soft, smooth fabric

  • Comfortable sleeping temperature—they won't get too hot or cold

  • Healthy, happy hair and skin!

3. Blissy Candle

blissy naturally scented candle

Blissy Candles are the newest addition to our line of luxury wellness gifts. They're available in 3 incredible natural aromas that restore mind and body:

Blissy Candles are crafted from vegan soy wax and therapeutic essential oils. This makes them a great gift for those who are health-conscious and eco-friendly.

Gifting your loved ones a Blissy Candle will help them enjoy their nightly ritual and transform their home into a spa.

Our relaxing, aromatic candles will enhance their evenings, whether they pair it with tea, a good book, meditation, a bath soak, or slow-flow yoga.

4. Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist in Jasmine & Eucalyptus

deep sleep pillow spray to fall asleep fast

Are your loved ones in need of stress relief? A deep sleep pillow spray can help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

The Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist in Jasmine & Eucalyptus is made with 100% natural essential oils. These provide aromatherapeutic advantages. Spritzing above the pillow has the same benefits as using an essential oil diffuser.

Its soothing aroma has floral and herbal notes that promote tranquility and relaxation and may lead to higher-quality sleep.

Gifting your loved ones this fragrant pillow spray will allow them to easily create a calming environment for deep, restful sleep.

5. Blissy Dream Set in Blue

blissy dream set for the ultimate bedtime routine

The Blissy Dream Set in Blue is a sleep gift that's designed to impress and pamper your gift recipient.

The elegant, deep blue hue will add a refined touch to any bedroom. Plus, the Dream Set is beautifully packaged, making it exciting to open.

It includes 4 of our bestselling, premium silk sleep gifts:

  • 1 Blissy Silk Pillowcase

  • 1 Blissy Sleep Mas

  • 1 Blissy Scrunchie

  • 1 Blissy Skinny Scrunchie

Your loved one will enjoy all the Dream Set's incredible beauty and wellness benefits. They'll have more restful sleep, smoother, shinier hair, and glowing skin. Plus, they'll wake up feeling refreshed and fabulous!

PS—This is an ideal gift for those with sensitive skin. These deluxe sleep accessories are naturally hypoallergenic and soothing.

6. Blissy Pillowcase in Pink Galaxy

blissy silk pillowcase for a good night's sleep

The Blissy Pillowcase in Pink Galaxy is another great mommy-and-me gift. It's available in sizes from toddler to queen. Your children's faces will light up when they realize you have matching pillowcases!

You'll both love this fun design, which features golden constellations, moons, and planets on a soft pink background. It's a pattern perfect for a night filled with peaceful slumber.

Know that you can gift confidently with our OEKO-TEX Certified silk pillowcases. They're hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

Don't have any little ones on your gift list? The Pink Galaxy Pillowcase is a super cute, fabulous gift for the astrology enthusiast in your life.

7. Blissy Scrunchies in Zebra

blissy zebra scrunchies for your hair sleep routine

Blissy Scrunchies in Zebra are the perfect gift for hair fashionistas!

These luxe, mulberry silk scrunchies add an exotic flair to any outfit. They're an ideal gift for those who love bold, exciting patterns and glossy hair.

Scrunchies may not seem like a sleep gift, but they are! Pull up your hair with a Blissy Scrunchie each night to look stylish while avoiding snagging, breakage, creasing, and dents. Then wake up with fabulous hair!

8. Blissy Bonnet in Tie-Dye

hair care that won't disrupt sleep

The Blissy Bonnet in Tie-Dye is a gift that's not just fun and fashionable. It's a staple piece in any curly girl hair routine.

Although it's especially beneficial for those with curly hair, thick hair, or extensions, it's suitable for all hair types. So, gift this to anyone who would appreciate our ultra-soft and smooth silk bonnet for their hair care routine.

As your loved ones wear the bonnet to bed each night, it'll work wonders for their hair. The Blissy Bonnet:

  • Fights off frizz

  • Prevents bed head

  • Preserves hairstyles

  • Reduces breakage

  • Helps hair stay moisturized

  • Gives hair a glossy shine!

9. Blissy Sleep Mask in Cinnamon

get deeper sleep with a sleep mask

Searching for luxurious his-and-her gifts to help sleep? Buy 2 of the Blissy Sleep Mask in Cinnamon!

The warm shade of brown is elegant and neutral, ideal for both men and women.

Both gift recipients will love their matching silk sleep masks, handmade from the highest quality mulberry silk. They'll keep unwanted light at bay while reducing new fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area.

Gifting to a couple that's always on the go? This sleep gift includes a silk carrying case.

10. Blissy Hair Ribbon in Tiger

blissy hair ribbon in tiger

The Blissy Hair Ribbon in Tiger is a bold yet elegant hair accessory putting a modern twist on a timeless style. Gift this to your loved one if they enjoy a delicate and sophisticated look.

Our hair ribbon, which is 52" long by 2.5" wide, allows for plenty of styling versatility. Your friend can wear a refined, low pony with a bow, or, a sleek top bun wrapped with silk.

They can pull their hair up each night to help protect and preserve their tresses while sleeping.

11. Blissy Skinny Scrunchies in Pink

pink skinny scrunchies

Blissy Skinny Scrunchies in Pink are the perfect gift for those with a romantic, classic style.

This slimmer version of our luxe silk hair ties is 0.75" wide, which is ideal for those with fine and thick hair alike.

These silk scrunchies won't crease, dent, or snag hair, making them excellent for overnight use.

12. Blissy Sleep Mask in Mint

eye mask for quality sleep

The Blissy Sleep Mask in Mint is one of our favorite gifts to help sleep. If your loved ones have trouble falling asleep, they need this eye mask.

Sleep masks are vital to a good night's sleep and beauty routine. And our silk sleep masks provide exclusive beauty benefits that they'll love.

Plus, the dreamy, soft mint tone will make their bedtime routine feel like a trip to the spa.

13. Blissy Bonnet in Red

better night's rest and hair with the blissy bonnet

This is one of our most festive sleep gifts! Have sweet dreams while staying in the holiday spirit with the Blissy Bonnet in Red.

The beautiful, bright scarlet color is festive and fabulous. Plus, our silk bonnet provides many healthy hair benefits.

Worried about the bonnet falling off and interrupting sleep? Don't! The elastic band and cinching are meticulously designed to keep everything in place.

14. Blissy Silk Pillowcase in White

fall asslep faster with a blissy silk pillowcase

Keep it wintry and neutral with a color that everyone can enjoy! The Blissy Silk Pillowcase in White is one of the best sleep gifts for the giving season.

Know any hot sleepers? They will THANK you for this luxurious silk pillowcase. It'll help them stay cool at night, leading to a better night's sleep. Plus, they'll enjoy smoother, glossier hair and see a reduction in new fine lines and wrinkles. Who doesn't want that!?

There are plenty of reasons why a Blissy Silk Pillowcase has been the top holiday gift for years.

Choosing the Most Luxurious Sleep Gifts

This season, give your loved ones thoughtful sleep gifts that will better their quality of life.

From helping them get deep sleep to soothing delicate skin, your family and friends will adore our premium mulberry silk products!

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