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These Are Scientifically the Best Gifts for Nappers
These Are Scientifically the Best Gifts for Nappers

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Naps are a great way to give your brain and body a boost. Studies show tons of benefits from short naps, such as increased alertness and better moods. It’s no wonder so many people enjoy taking power naps, catnaps, or even longer naps!

Fun Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Sleep

napping gift guides

If you have sleep lovers in your life, Blissy offers the perfect gifts for them this holiday season. When you’re trying to think of gifts for people who like to nap, consider the following ideas.

Besides giving you gift ideas, we’ll also tell you about the science behind them. All these gift ideas are scientifically proven to be the best gifts for naps or a good night’s sleep.

Blissful Sleep and Beautiful Skin with a Blissy Sleep Mask

Blissy designed these sleep masks to completely block light. That includes harsh daylight during naps, making them excellent gifts for people who like to nap.

Blissy sleep masks are moisture-retaining. That means using them results in healthy, hydrated skin and better sleep quality.

mask and pillowcase selected by our editors

The science: Sleep masks help you fall asleep

So what exactly makes sleep masks good gifts for people who like to nap?

A recently published review in Building and Environment found that a sleep environment with as little light as possible is best for falling asleep. In fact, sleeping in total darkness can boost alertness and episodic memory.

Sleep mask skin benefits

Our sleep masks do more than make it possible to take a good nap. They also have cooling effects, soothing the eyes and allowing you to rest easily and wake feeling refreshed.

Each sleep mask is moisture-retaining, resulting in healthy, hydrated skin and better sleep quality overall.

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Blissy Sleep Masks to the rescue

If the sleep lovers in your life have trouble napping thanks to too much light, our sleep masks can help! Blissy Sleep Masks help create a dark environment that’s perfect for falling asleep. Your loved ones can enjoy a good nap and feel wide awake and alert afterward.

Comfort, colors, and convenience

Blissy Sleep Masks are great gifts for people who like to nap for many reasons:
Tons of gorgeous colors and patterns to choose from

  • Comfortable strap that won't leave marks on skin or dents in hair
  • Extra comfy and cushioned
  • Machine washable when placed in a mesh bag

top products featured

Gift tip: Pair a silk sleep mask with blackout curtains, and your loved ones will fall asleep easily! Add in a pair of soft, fuzzy socks to wear for extra fun!

Restful Naps and a Good Night's Sleep with a Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Blissy Silk Pillowcases are also great gifts for people who like to nap. Your loved ones can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a comfortable environment. Blissy silk pillowcases are ultra-soft and are nice and cool to the touch.

gifts for nappers that say "you matter"

The science: Comfortable sleep environments are key

To fall asleep and stay asleep, the temperature of our sleep environment needs to be just right. A 2017 review published in Energy and Buildings found that the thermal environment in bedrooms is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

What does this mean? If your body gets too warm or too cold while sleeping due to changes in air temperature, your sleep quality could suffer. When choosing gifts for people who like to nap, this is an important point to remember.

pillowcase and sleep mask in azure

The thermoregulating powers of silk pillowcases

Blissy makes pillowcases from high-quality silk that offers thermoregulating powers. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps keep your body temperature consistent, so you won’t get too hot or cold. That’s a perfect feature for sleep lovers in your life!

Further reading:

Cool colors and patterns

Blissy Silk Pillowcases come in different sizes, so you can pick the right one for people on your gift list. These pillowcases are also available in stylish colors and eye-catching patterns. You can find the ideal silk pillowcases to give as gifts to people who like to nap.

blissy pillowcase in silver

Not sure which color to choose? It can be hard since Blissy has dozens of them. A safe bet is a light neutral color such as White, Silver, or Champagne.

Gift tip: Surprise someone who loves to sleep with a cozy blanket or soft duvet cover and silk pillowcases so they can relax and enjoy a great nap or night's sleep!

Deep, Fragrant Slumber with Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mists

A pleasant sleep environment can make it much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Even those who love sleep sometimes need a bit of help at bedtime or nap time. Aromatherapy in the form of sleep and pillow mists is a great idea!

blissy sleep and pillow mist

The science: Smells and sleep

In 2017, researchers published a study in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine where participants were treated to eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy before sleep. The researchers found that this essential oil helped improve sleep quality and lowered stress levels.

Essential oils for deep sleep

Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mists are scented sprays that you can use before nap time or bedtime for restful slumber. When looking for gifts for a person who likes to nap, consider getting one or more of these mists.

spraying sleep and pillow mist on a pillow

Eucalyptus and lavender oils as a natural sleep aid

Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mists contain eucalyptus essential oil along with other essential oils that support sleep. Choose from mists containing lavender, lemongrass, or jasmine. We also have a mist containing a soothing combination of eucalyptus, woodsmoke, and leather.

Gift tip: Fill a gift bag with Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mists and a travel pillow or portable white noise machine for sleep lovers who are on the go!

Start Shopping for Gifts for People Who Like to Nap

Whether your loved ones tend to nap on the couch in the morning or head to bed at night like clockwork, you can find the ideal sleep gifts for their living room or bedroom at Blissy.

best gifts for nappers graphic

Visit Blissy to browse our gifts for people who like to nap this holiday season. Whether it's sleep masks, pillowcases, or pillow mists, we’ve got the perfect gifts waiting for your friends and loved ones who nap this winter.

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