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Stay Cool and Dry: The Benefits of Moisture Wicking
Stay Cool and Dry: The Benefits of Moisture Wicking


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Hot climates, hormonal changes, and other factors can make you feel sweaty when you're just trying to get a good night's sleep. Whether you sweat from sweltering weather or hot flashes, surrounding yourself with the right fabrics can make a world of difference.

Moisture-wicking materials have a cooling effect that helps you stay dry and comfortable all summer long. What is moisture wicking? How does it work? Find out all about the magic of moisture wicking.

Moisture-Wicking Meaning and the Science Behind It

moisture wicking infographic blissy

The effects of moisture wicking might seem magical, but there's some solid science behind this fabric technology. Fabrics that wick moisture pull it away from your skin, then dry quickly. Why is this so important for staying cool and dry?

When you're covered in sweat, that's your body's way of trying to cool you off. Heavy or synthetic fabrics like merino wool, cotton, or polyester keep you feeling hot and sweaty. Silk and other moisture-wicking fabrics do a much better job of removing moisture from your skin's surface.

These materials draw moisture, such as sweat, to the outer layer of your clothes or bedding. That moisture evaporates quickly instead of hanging around, leaving you cool, dry, and ready for sleep. Moisture-wicking material, such as silk, has a hollow core that helps create this cooling effect.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Most moisture-wicking fabrics are a great investment when you want a good night's sleep. Wearing these materials or resting your head on them offers some amazing benefits for your sleep environment and skin.

silk is considered moisture wicking

Creates a comfortable and cool feel

Sweat-wicking fabric can help you feel much more comfortable. It doesn't trap moisture or sweat against your skin, so you won't feel clammy or hot. Instead, moisture-wicking fibers help increase comfort.

Keeps sweat at bay

Moisture-wicking garments and linens do an outstanding job of pulling sweat away from your skin, where it evaporates. This means you won't have layers of sweat on your skin all night. These fabrics help your skin stay dry overall and prevent sweat from taking over.

Promotes radiant skin

Having oily, sweaty skin boosts your risk of having acne breakouts or other skin problems. Wearing moisture-wicking fabrics or using them as bedding helps your skin stay cleaner and healthier. That means you can look forward to having glowing skin all summer long.

The Best Moisture Wicking Fabric: Blissy's 100% Mulberry Silk

moisture wicking fabrics pull sweat from the skin

When it comes to moisture-wicking materials, you can't beat silk. At Blissy, our pillowcases and robes are made of 100% mulberry silk. In addition to being the softest and finest kind of silk available, these natural fibers excel at wicking moisture away.

Blissy Silk Pillowcases and Blissy Silk Robes make good use of moisture-wicking properties to keep your skin dry and cool. These silk products help regulate your body temperature and ensure that sweat evaporates rapidly from your skin.

Stay Cool and Dry with Blissy

silk is a moisture wicking fabric, cotton fabrics are not

Blissy offers the ideal solution for making sure you stay comfortable throughout the hot summer months. Our 100% mulberry silk products are perfect for keeping adults cool and dry, even on the hottest nights.

We also have moisture-wicking products to help keep kids sleep as comfy as can be. Our Blissy Junior Silk Pillowcases come in tons of fun designs and colors that kids love. With these pillowcases, kids can enjoy sweet dreams throughout summer.

Our customers are quick to spread the word about the benefits of Blissy silk products. Debra F. wants others to know that her Blissy Silk Pillowcase "feels so good -- silky and comfortable and cooling! A great purchase."

Moisture Wicking Meets Magnificence with Blissy

moisture wicking fabrics help you feel less hot

Being able to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep on hot summer nights isn't always easy. With moisture-wicking products from Blissy, you can sleep comfortably night after night. Rest your head on a luxurious Blissy Silk Pillowcase, or slip into a soft Blissy Silk Robe for healthy skin, enhanced comfort, and a sweat-free sleep environment. 

Shop Blissy for Moisture Wicking Pillowcases and Robes

Looking forward to a summer filled with blissful sleep and healthy skin? Explore our selection of 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and robes.


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