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What Is the Best Foundation for Summer and How to Apply It So It Doesn't Melt
What Is the Best Foundation for Summer and How to Apply It So It Doesn't Melt

How to Pick the Best Foundation for Summer

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a summer foundation.
    • Is it a sweat proof foundation?
    • What will protect your skin and help improve skin tone?
    • What’s your skin type? (For example, a heavier, full coverage foundation may not be the best choice for oil-prone skin.)

    Sweat proof foundations

    First, look for foundations with a lightweight texture and matte finish.

    The foundation you wear during spring, fall, or winter might not perform so well during summer. Thicker foundations feel hotter and tend to cake or smudge in the heat. A lightweight foundation is less likely to cake while keeping your skin feeling light and clean.

    woman applying foundation

    A foundation with matte coverage is also helpful as the matte finish helps control oil and reduces shine. It has a smoother finish and lower chance of smearing.

    You can also search for foundations with a completely waterproof formula, like Smashbox’s Studio Skin 24 Hour Full Coverage Waterproof Foundation. This is a great option if you’re looking for a sweat proof foundation with full coverage—and you want to come out of a sweaty workout with not a single imperfection.

    For acne-prone skin

    If you have acne-prone skin, your best foundation for summer is one that’s non-comedogenic and oil free. Some foundations also include salicylic acid, which helps clear up acne and prevent future breakouts. Other beneficial ingredients to look for are those with anti inflammatory properties, such as vitamin c.

    acne prone skin

    BB cream, also called “beauty balm” or “blemish balm,” is a great option for those with acne-prone skin. BB cream is a hybrid product where skincare meets coverage. It helps hydrate and restore the skin while providing light coverage.

    For oily skin

    If you have oily skin, your best foundation for summer is a sweat proof foundation with matte coverage.

    CC creams, or “color correcting creams,” are great for those with oily skin, as they tend to be more lightweight and feel less oily. BB creams are also a good option, but ensure they’re oil free.

    oily skin

    Pro Tip: Extra shine on your t-zone? Dab your skin with some blotting paper before applying any makeup.

    Ingredients that Help Improve Skin Tone

    Your best foundation for summer should be formulated with some of these ingredients:

    Hyaluronic acid

    • Helps your skin stay dewy and hydrated

    Vitamin C

    • Brightens your skin’s appearance
    • Helps prevent future hyperpigmentation


    • Boosts elastin and collagen production, which lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores


    • Look for a broad spectrum SPF (with UVA and UVB protection)

    beautiful looking skin

    Best Foundations for Summer

    Here are 3 of the top sweat proof foundations, all of which provide coverage while promoting healthy, radiant skin!

    IT Cosmetics: CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

    IT Cosmetics: CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

    We chose this as a best foundation for summer because it’s perfect for most skin types. It includes a high level of sun protection and is packed with other healthy-skin ingredients.

    Benefits of this full coverage foundation include:

    • Long lasting formula—wear it with confidence throughout the day
    • Anti-aging, brightening formula
    • Includes collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid
    • Natural finish
    • Sun protection
    • Comes in 15 shades

    Purlisse: Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30

    Purlisse: Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30

    This sweat proof foundation is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    Benefits of this best foundation for summer include:

    • A natural look with medium coverage / buildable coverage
    • Promotes a uniform complexion
    • Sun protection
    • Moisturizing but oil-free formula 
    • Non comedogenic
    • Comes in 9 shades

    L’Oreal Paris: True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation

    L’Oreal Paris: True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation

    This is one of the best foundations for summer, as it’s not only very affordable (at just under $15), but it also helps your skin look radiant.

    Benefits include:

    • Natural look
    • Lightweight foundation
    • Includes hyaluronic acid, great for those with dry skin
    • Comes in 14 shades

    Foundation Application Tips

    Here are some great tips to make your foundation as long-wearing as possible, even if you choose not to buy a new foundation.

    Wear a Blissy Beauty Band

    While applying your makeup (or face mask—say YES to self-care!), slip on a silk Blissy Beauty Band. The Beauty Band is a luxurious, spa-chic headband that keeps stray hair away from your face. 

    woman wearing blissy beauty band

    Beauty Band benefits:

    • Made from super soft, pure silk, 
    • Is hypoallergenic
    • Keeps hair and skin hydrated
    • Won’t snag or dent hair
    • Helps you stay cool as you pamper your skin

    Pro Tip: If you want to up your beauty and makeup routine even more, a Blissy Silk Pillowcase is the perfect addition. Made of 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk, their pillowcases won’t absorb skincare products. They'll also keep your skin and hair hydrated and reduce friction while you toss and turn at night—leading to more radiant skin and gorgeous, glossy hair.

    Primer, primer, primer!

    On top of using a sweat proof foundation, you should also always start with a base for your makeup—primer. Primer is a lifesaver if you’re looking for a smooth, even, natural finish and long wearing coverage.

    makeup primer serum

    Primers come in different formulas, such as creams, serums, and gels with varying benefits. Many even blur pores and help even skin tone. Look for a long-lasting primer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid (to help keep your skin moisturized on hot summer days) and SPF (for sun protection).

    Pro Tip: If you have oily skin, primer is a must. It’s vital for making your foundation long-wearing, even when you sweat during summer!

    Use a setting spray

    Setting spray is yet another vital tool in your makeup kit. After the application of primer and sweat proof foundation, spritz on some setting spray to “set” your look and make it even more long-lasting.

    On hot summer days, setting spray adds another layer of protection not just for your makeup but for your skin, too. Look for a setting spray that helps your skin retain moisture so that the heat won’t cause your makeup to dry and crack.

    Pro Tip: A setting spray with a matte finish can also increase wear time; like a matte foundation, it can help reduce shine and prevent smearing if your skin gets oily or you start to sweat.

    Wear a hat

    Make use of whatever sun protection you can! Stay in the shade as much as possible. It’ll help protect your skin and makeup.

    woman wearing hat

    Toss on a cute baseball cap or that big, floppy hat you’ve been dying to wear (here’s your excuse—mimosa brunch by the pool this Sunday!)

    What’s Your Best Foundation for Summer?

    After reading this, you've hopefully found your new favorite, sweat proof foundation to enjoy all summer long.

    For more great summer beauty tips, follow us on Facebook!


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