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National Splurge Day: The Ultimate Day of Self-Love and Self-Care
National Splurge Day: The Ultimate Day of Self-Love and Self-Care

A 1-Day Break From SavingWithout the Guilt!

Maybe you've been socking more money away in your savings account lately. Maybe you're trying to save up for a car, a vacation, or some other important expense. On the flip side, maybe you just dined at your favorite restaurant last week and ordered some clothes online 2 days ago. 

No matter what your spending habits have been lately, it's time to celebrate National Splurge Day, aka National Treat Yourself Day. Sure, you get presents on all the traditional holidays, but there aren't really any gifting holidays in the summer months (unless you're a father)...and who wants to wait until your birthday or winter to get something nice?

woman with credit card

How to Celebrate National Splurge Day

National Splurge Day is all about indulging in luxury and pleasure and not feeling one ounce of guilt about it! It's about celebrating oneselfit's telling yourself "I love you" by splurging on something you've been wanting, but don't necessarily need.

This date is about taking a moment to indulge oneself and savor something that you really enjoy. What better way is there to self care.

Tons of people worldwide are celebrating National Splurge Day, so make sure to join in and don't miss out on a one day of guilt-free spending (just make sure to shop responsibly!)

national treat yourself day

What Should I Get Myself on Treat Yo-Self Day?

Maybe you've already decided what that thing isa massage or some fine leather goods like a tote bag. Maybe it's tickets to see Beyonce (we wouldn't blame you, sounds like a fun idea). But if you're not sure how to spend your money today, we at Blissy certainly have some ideas!

If you're dreaming of living life in the lap of luxury like your favorite celebrities, then silk is the ultimate indulgence. Not only is it the epitome of high-end, but it's also incredibly practical. A silk pillowcase will help keep your hair and skin looking smooth and can even prevent wrinkles.

Live the Dream with the Blissy Dream Set

Pair that pillowcase with a matching silk sleep mask and matching scrunchies and you've got yourself a Blissy Dream Setthe absolute perfect item for splurge day. And since Blissy offers same day delivery (for orders placed before 12pm), you won't even have to wait to enjoy your splurge item. It's going to be the best day ever!

blissy dream set splurge

The Blissy Dream Set is an amazing splurge because not only can you enjoy it the day you receive it (is there anything like looking ahead to receiving a package in the post and unboxing it?). You'll also get to enjoy it every night for years to come. That's because Blissy silk products are incredibly durable and well-made.

So go ahead and pick your favorite color (the Dream Set comes in 6 gorgeous colors) and click "add to cart" without a hint of guilt. This is one splurge you won't regret and you'll enjoy long into the future!


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