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The Blissy Experience Ep. 7: Featuring Lea Roman, Beauty Therapist
The Blissy Experience Ep. 7: Featuring Lea Roman, Beauty Therapist

Episode 7 of The Blissy Experience showcases Lea Roman, a beauty therapist passionate about authentic beauty and self-expression. Lea dives into how aligning your inner self with your outer look can transform your confidence and outlook on life.

Explore our conversation with Lea and click below to watch the full episode. Or, discover The Blissy Experience Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.


The Power of Authentic Beauty

Lea Roman helps women find their signature style with "outer beauty expression." She believes it's important to care about how we look, as long as it aligns with who we are inside. Lea says, "When the inner and outer line up and it's authentic to who you are, that's a game-changer."

Authentic beauty is personal. It's about presenting your true self to the world. When your outer look matches your inner essence, you spread positivity and become more relatable. 

Lea reminds us that wanting to look and feel beautiful isn't vain—it's about self-acceptance. 

"When the inner and outer line up and it's authentic to who you are, that's a game-changer." -Lea Roman

Navigating Beauty Standards

Social media and celebrity culture shape our beauty standards. Lea Roman knows this well, raising her daughter amidst online influencers. "I had to teach my daughter not to believe that stuff and to be herself," Lea says.

She finds inspiration in celebrities like Pamela Anderson, who boldly appear without makeup. "It takes another level of boldness for Pamela Anderson to do this at a certain age," Lea shares. Alicia Keys also embraced her natural look, rejecting traditional beauty norms.

lea roman with a client

Personal Transformation Stories

Lea Roman shared her personal journey with beauty standards, revealing she had implants for five years but felt they didn't align with her true self. Even now, she reflects on why she got them. A documentary was even made about her decision to remove them, bringing attention to the liberating experience of realigning outer appearance with inner identity.

One of Lea's favorite client stories involves a woman preparing for her 60th birthday cruise. Lea did her hair and makeup, and when the woman saw herself in the mirror, she radiated confidence and beauty. She felt powerful and beautiful, not for anyone else's validation, but purely for herself. That's the essence of authentic beauty.

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Embracing Aging and Pro-Aging Narratives

Lea welcomes the beauty industry's shift from anti-aging to pro-aging narratives as a healthy, empowering approach. She advises her clients to view aging as a natural, beautiful process to embrace rather than fight against. Lea advises not to fixate on wrinkles or gray hair. Instead, she encourages self-acceptance by looking in the mirror and appreciating their whole self.

According to Lea, when women can say "I look great for my age" with confidence, that's when the real magic happens. They stop nitpicking flaws and start radiating an incredible self-assurance that glows from within. For Lea, this self-acceptance is the epitome of true beauty.

Episode 7 Final Thoughts and Takeaways

Lea encourages listeners to express their true selves through personal style using tools like Pinterest and vision boards. She stresses that the desire to look and feel beautiful is natural when it comes from self-love. Visit her website, www.mindfulsoulandbeauty.com, for more beauty resources and guidance. 

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