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Alec Tremaine

Guest on The Blissy Experience: Episode 3

Tune into Episode 3 of our podcast to hear from Alec Tremaine! 🎧

Alec Tremaine, a former digital marketing entrepreneur, pivoted to health and wellness after personal battles with IBS and adrenal fatigue. Aided by his holistic nutritionist wife, Jillian, Alec delved into biohacking and discovered that sleep is the cornerstone of overall wellness. As the Chief Revenue Officer of Slumber, a Denver-based D2C sleep aid company, he's seen a 4x sales growth since early 2022. Slumber specializes in plant-based sleep aids and daytime wellness products. 

Alec continues to refine his sleep patterns with technology like Whoop and experiments with sleep aid formulas. Outside of work, he's an avid participant in wellness activities like HIIT classes, paddleboarding, and cold plunges, among others. A nature lover at heart, Alec seizes any opportunity to escape to scenic places like the Sierras or Peru's Sacred Valley. Preparing to launch two wellness brands in 2024, Alec aims to use his expertise in sleep, stress management, and performance to help others achieve optimal well-being.

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