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Why Does My Scalp Itch at Night? Reasons & How a Silk Pillowcase Helps
Why Does My Scalp Itch at Night? Reasons & How a Silk Pillowcase Helps

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Key takeaways:

  • Scalp itch at night may be due to dandruff, products, hives, pests, psoriasis, etc.

  • Silk pillowcases can soothe itchy scalps.

  • Tea tree oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil help relieve itchiness.

  • See a doctor for severe, persistent scalp itching.


If you’re having trouble sleeping because of an itchy scalp at night, a Blissy silk pillowcase could be the solution. It can help ease the itchiness caused by a variety of factors, such as dandruff, pests, or psoriasis. The pillowcase is made of hypoallergenic, breathable silk that is gentle on your skin and provides a smooth surface to rest on.

In this post, we'll discuss the causes of an itchy scalp and why switching out your pillowcase may help.

What Are Some of the Causes of an Itchy Scalp?

Dry scalp and scalp itching can be caused by a number of issues. Some are more serious than others. If you have an intense scalp itch, you should always seek the advice of a board-certified dermatologist. But a good start to resolving this itch is an antibacterial, bug resistant, and hypoallergenic made of 100% mulberry silk.


The causes of dandruff are complex, and research is ongoing. Causes range from seborrheic dermatitis to scaly patches that cause visible flakes and other skin flare-ups. Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that causes scaliness and inflammation of the scalp. Either way, this itchiness can cause scratching that will disturb your night.

A common misperception is that dandruff is a result of poor hygiene. Yet that is not actually the case. You can buy special shampoos to help reduce the problem. But a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from Blissy may help ease your suffering. The reason for this is that the natural proteins in silk can help soothe scalp itch, helping you to reach deep sleep.

dandruff-like flaking

Hair products that cause itchy scalp

Leaving a little shampoo in your hair and on your scalp can cause itchy, flaky irritated skin. So it is important to rinse well. Allergies to certain ingredients might also be a cause for itchy skin. Rinse, rinse, rinse and repeat to help with this scalp itch.

Other ways to alleviate an itchy scalp at night include natural remedies such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, or peppermint oil. Tea tree oil is especially known for its anti-inflammatory properties for the scalp. Coconut oil can help moisturize and seal in natural oils in your scalp. Peppermint oil is known to improve circulation and leaves your scalp feeling nicely tingly. You may want to massage tea tree oil or peppermint oil onto your scalp and then follow it up with coconut oil. 

Once you've taken care of the issue, it might be worth looking into using a silk pillowcase for your hair's benefit during sleep. Silk pillowcases are gentle on hair follicles and help to maintain hair's health.


Hives are itchy, red bumps that appear on the skin. They can be caused by allergies and can be made worse by certain factors. If you're prone to hives, using a hypoallergenic pillowcase, like one from Blissy, may be helpful in reducing their appearance. Keep in mind that hives tend to come and go and are not always present.

Other hives that come and go on their own can be relieved with home remedies such as a soak in colloidal oatmeal. It's also important to keep a cool temperature on your head at night. A Blissy silk pillowcase can help with this by being breathable and keeping you cool and comfortable. These pillowcases can also help ease an itchy scalp at night. Maintaining proper skin temperature is important in managing hives.

allergic reaction flare-ups


Head lice can cause an intensely itchy scalp and the treatment options are hard on your scalp as well. To diagnose this issue at home you will need a fine-toothed comb, a very bright light, and a trusted friend. In addition to lice, a fungal infection such as scalp ringworm can also cause intense itching and requires medical treatment.

Start by wetting the hair and separating it into sections. Use the comb and light to look for lice and their eggs, which attach firmly to hairs. Pay special attention to hairs behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. If you find lice, you can try at-home treatments. If the issue is not resolved, you can see a dermatologist for other methods including prescription medication.


Scabies is a skin condition caused by a small bug called the human itch mite. These mites can burrow into the scalp and cause irritation. They cause intense itching and need to be treated with a prescription.

If you think this might be a culprit, see a board-certified dermatologist for treatment. And don't forget to keep a bug-resistant silk pillowcase in your bed for a good night's sleep that will always help soothe an itchy scalp at night.

Psoriasis and scalp itch

About half of people who have plaque psoriasis get an itching scalp flare-up leading to scalp psoriasis. This scalp itching and skin irritation can greatly disrupt your sleep. There are medicated shampoos available and other treatments you can get without a prescription to treat it.

For relief, it is also important to keep control of your body temperature. So sleep on a breathable and cooling pillowcase, such as a silk pillowcase from Blissy, since heat can trigger itching.

itchy scalp psoriasis flare

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a type of eczema that can cause scalp itch and sometimes induce a burning sensation. Scratching the intensely itchy skin can lead to infection and hair loss.

To prevent flare-ups, it's important to moisturize the skin, including the scalp. The protein in silk, like that found in a Blissy pillowcase, can help keep the scalp more moisturized. Eczema can also be exacerbated by allergic reactions and environmental allergies, so using a hypoallergenic pillowcase may be beneficial in those cases.

See a Doctor for Severe or Consistent Issues

If you have an itchy scalp that is consistent and disrupting your sleep, it’s important to see a doctor, as conditions like a fungal infection need to be accurately diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. Certain conditions, like scalp ringworm, which is caused by a fungus that creates a red and itchy rash, need to be accurately diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.

Other serious issues, such as nerve damage from scarring or the possibility of skin cancer, also require professional diagnosis and treatment. It’s crucial to get a proper diagnosis for your itchy scalp.

A Blissy Silk Pillowcase Soothes Scalp Itching

anti-itch pillowcase

A Blissy pillowcase may provide relief for your itchy scalp or dry scalp, no matter the cause. Customers have given Blissy over 80,000 5-Star reviews. They were also recognized as the 2021 Bedding Award Winner by Good Housekeeping and the 2021 Breakthrough Beauty Award Winner by Modern Luxury Riviera.

Made of high-quality silk, Blissy pillowcases not only help ease itchy skin. They also prevent hair breakage and loss and keep your hair care products from soaking into the pillowcase. They are an excellent choice for the health of your scalp skin during sleep.

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