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When Does Leo Season Start and What Is the Best Leo Beauty Routine? 
When Does Leo Season Start and What Is the Best Leo Beauty Routine? 

Let's not forget that new beginnings can start at any time and there's no better time than when Leo season begins in late July. 

Leo season is a time where we can feel the sun blazing on our skin and bodies, asking us to take center stage. It's the perfect time to work on our confidence and poise. 

When Does Leo Season Start?

So when does Leo season start? Leo season runs from around July 22 to August 22. The Leo sign is the fifth zodiac sign and is associated with the fifth house in romance. 

But regardless of your astrology chart, or whether you are a child of the sun or the moon, it's time to manifest more money, self expression and to open up your world through creative experience. Let lion season begin!

leo woman

This zodiac sign encourages:

  • Expansion of creative passion
  • Pride in public persona through acts of self love
  • Enjoying friends and family members, being extra social
  • Powerful passion in your love life. It's said that Leo is most compatible with Gemini and Aquarius!

Expect high energy

Throughout the Leo season, we will be blissful when we show off how much we love—and hopefully enjoy the spotlight.

Goodbye Cancer season!

Leo energy is symbolized by the self-assured lion. It's time to move forward with your dreams. Really roar by taking advantage of the passion and confidence that comes with the bold energy of Leo season.

Leo Season Begins with Gorgeous Skin and Hair, Period

Regardless of whether Leo is your star sign or not, summertime is the perfect opportunity to show off those gorgeous manes and complexions. But while the sun may be our friend, it’s important to take extra care of our skin and hair during the brighter months of July and August. 

leo season woman

UV rays are more intense during this time and there is more daylight, which may result in dry hair or skin (read here to learn how to moisturize your hair the right way). 

Remember to focus on yourself and all good things will follow

Take a moment and embrace the drama and glamour of Leo Season 2022. After all, Leo is the boldest of the zodiac signs. Let's make life fun and schedule some time to treat ourselves to something special.

Take care of your skin this July and it will pay off by the next new moon!

Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, whatever your astrology might be, make some time to practice self-love by taking a moment to be present, rest, and take care of that temple that is you.

woman getting pampered

5-Step Easy Ways to Boss Up During Leo Season 

The sun is Leo's ruling planet so remember to protect yourself from harmful rays. Plan on tanning? Leo's ruling planet is the sun after all. But remember, it's great to lay out poolside but the sun can really zap the moisture from skin. Avoid a future of leathery damaged skin by remembering to apply SPF and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You get the idea, right?

  • Upgrade your make-up routine. Get into a glamorous, powerful headspace and be a little extra! Use this time to focus on your skincare routine and try new products like Blissy's luxurious silk Beauty Band to hold back your hair as you get creative with your beauty regimen.
  • Try gua sha, a piece of jade used in Chinese and Asian wellness, to give your face a deep tissue massage as you apply your moisturizer. Store your gua sha in the fridge overnight—this will be an added booster against puffiness.
  • Focus on self-care and pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial, take a relaxing bath, or get a massage. Do whatever makes you feel good and helps you relax.
  • Experiment with new hairstyles. Fixed signs don't mean stagnation. Wear your hair with pride and express your personal style. Updating your look might be exactly what the doctor ordered!
  • Take lounging seriously. You are elegance and drama in action wearing Blissy's Classic Robe in Black. Mr. DeMille, she's ready for her close-up.

blissy robe in black

It's Leo Season 2022! It's Your Time, Baby!

This is the time of year when you are meant to shine your brightest. You have our permission to loudly be the most authentic version of yourself. You've got this in the bag (it says so in the stars too). 





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