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Tips and Techniques: How to Safely Iron Your Silk Items
Tips and Techniques: How to Safely Iron Your Silk Items


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Silk is an investment. It is a beautiful material that comes at a slightly higher cost, so of course you want to make sure it stays in perfect condition for as long as possible.

You can wash and iron silk, but there are some key steps you have to follow. Here's what to do if you want to keep your Blissy silk products looking their best wash after wash.

What Makes Silk Special, and Can You Iron Silk Clothing or Fabrics?

silk item on a flat surface

Silk is a beautiful, soft fabric, and with that high-quality, luxe feel comes some special care requirements. Silk is one of the most delicate fabrics you can purchase, and it can (and will) shrink or get damaged if it's exposed to too much heat.

Washing silk or drying silk in a dryer incorrectly can lead to shrinkage that could make a silk product misshapen and unusable. But, what can you do about wrinkles, then?

Hanging silk out to dry after washing it in a gentle detergent is an easy way to prevent wrinkles. However, most people turn to steamers to get wrinkles out of silk safely, or you can use an iron to do the same thing.

Ironing Silk: Safety Precautions

don't use a high temperature

"Silk doesn’t need much heat at all to iron out creases and won’t tolerate high heats,” says Georgia McCorkill, a fashion lecturer at RMIT University

Silk's texture or integrity can be damaged by heat. You need to use a press cloth (an additional piece of fabric). It protects the silk shirt, silk dress, silk scarf, silk pillowcase, or silk garments you want to iron.

As a delicate fabric, it's best not to allow the iron to touch the silk directly. Ironing can be done over the press cloth or, in a pinch, on the lowest silk setting on the iron with plenty of moisture to keep the silk slightly damp.

How to Iron Delicate Fabrics: Silk

ironing delicate silk garment

Want to know how to iron silk products? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Place the silk garment on your ironing board inside out.
  2. Turn the iron on to its lowest heat setting.
  3. Place a press cloth over the area you want to iron for a layer of protection.
  4. Spritz the press cloth, silk clothes, or combined materials with water while you iron them. This builds up steam and reduces the likelihood of the hot iron touching dry silk fibers.
  5. Always press the iron down rather than dragging it back and forth to create a wrinkle-free finish.

Common Mistakes When Ironing Silk

how to iron silk without burning

There are many mistakes that people make when ironing silk. The first is not using the specific settings designed for silk when ironing. An iron that is too hot can badly damage the texture of silk, creating creases and bumps that no longer feel or look smooth.

Another way people damage the material is by leaving the heat on the silk for too long. You do need to press down on the silk with an iron for long enough to get rid of wrinkles. You only need to press down gently for a few seconds to smooth out the surface of the fabric.

If you leave heat on silks for too long, you could end up burning them and causing irreparable damage.

Finally, when you're done ironing silk on the lowest setting, make sure it's kept flat until it is cool and dry. Wet silk can wrinkle quickly, as can silk that is stored bunched up.

Proper Silk Care Protects Your Investment

At Blissy, we sell 100% mulberry silk products. These are washable and are best air dried, but if you want to iron them, make sure you follow our top tips to keep your silk products looking like new.


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