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The Blissy Experience Podcast Ep. 3: Featuring Alec Tremaine, Sleep Enthusiast
The Blissy Experience Podcast Ep. 3: Featuring Alec Tremaine, Sleep Enthusiast

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In Episode 3 of The Blissy Experience Podcast, we unravel the unique journey of Alec Tremaine, a sleep enthusiast with a background spanning a decade in digital marketing. Alec, who has been instrumental in catapulting the sales of the Slumber brand by a staggering 300% year on year, lays bare the brand’s mission and offerings.

Join us as we unravel Alec's unique journey and gain insights into optimizing sleep habits, achieving wellness, and waking up refreshed. 

The Intricacies of Sleep

Diving deep into the sanctity of sleep, Alec gives his opinion on how sleep acts as the cornerstone of health. Dissecting the sleep cycle, he points out his understanding of the difference between deep sleep and REM, stressing deep sleep’s power to restore.

In today's hustle culture, Alec provides a fresh perspective on prioritizing sleep over other activities, including workouts, backed by insights from his Whoop watch.

An Optimal Nighttime Routine

Alec's nighttime routine is a testament to his commitment to optimizing sleep quality. From “mouth-taping” to using an eye mask and maintaining an ideal room temperature, Alec’s routine reflects the lengths one can go to ensure a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Cannabis? The Slumber Brand's Natural Approach

Alec illustrates the natural, holistic approach Slumber takes to help its users achieve restful sleep. Slumber offers hemp-derived sleep aid products, including gummies, oils, topicals, and more.

These products contain various cannabinoids, like CBD, THC, and the lesser-known CBN. Alec expalines that CBN is often called the "sleep sister" of CBD. He's also comparing the effects of these compounds with melatonin. Quite fascinating! 

Busting Sleep Myths

alec tremaine with ariana escalante

Ever heard that the average person eats 7 spiders per year in their sleep? Or thought alcohol could help you sleep? Alec clears misconceptions surrounding sleep, debunking the age-old myth about alcohol inducing sleep. He also sheds light on the benefits of magnesium, especially when alcohol is consumed. And for those fearing the creepy myth of swallowing spiders during sleep, Alec brings clarity.

Optimizing Daytime Energy

Beyond just sleeping better, Alec offers insights for anyone wanting to feel more energetic during the day. From device-free times, embracing blackout curtains, to being mindful of daily habits – Alec's holistic view extends beyond just nighttime.

A Lasting Takeaway

Alec's concluding message: prioritizing sleep is essential. With sleep as the foundation, other healthy habits become more effective, and tasks no longer feel like a burden.

Episode 3 of The Blissy Experience Podcast is a treasure trove of insights from Alec Tremaine on sleep and holistic wellness. Our conversation highlights the crucial role of sleep in daily life as we advocate for prioritizing rest to support overall well-being.

Catch a new episode of The Blissy Experience every Thursday. Follow us on YouTube or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to stay updated on new episodes.

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