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The Best Travel Silk Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases
The Best Travel Silk Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases

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Key takeaways:

  • Travel increases illness risk from germ exposure.

  • Silk pillowcases have antiviral, antimicrobial properties.

  • Silk prevents wrinkles, breakage, bedhead from travel.

  • Mulberry silk pillowcases are durable, hypoallergenic for travel.

If you think you get sick more often when you travel, you’re not imagining it. While many remedies exist, we’d like to propose an unlikely one.

Here’s a term you probably haven’t heard of: leisure sickness. Doctors are familiar with it. If you find yourself traveling a lot, then you’re familiar with it, too—though you may not know it. In plainer terms, if you think you get sick more often when you travel, you’re not imagining it. While many remedies for leisure sickness exist, we’d like to propose an unlikely one: a silk travel pillowcase.

The Case for Silk Travel Pillowcases

one pillowcase in blissy sunrise

In the early days of plane travel, Art Deco-style posters highlighted the glamor of riding on planes. Back then, few people used a plane to go from location to location. Even fewer people probably thought about how germy planes (and airports and hotels) are.

But germy they are, according to Discover Magazine.

Staph infection and E. coli love airplanes. They stick to plane seats, armrests, window shades, and pretty much every place else your body touches.

And they stay there for days.

Yeah. We know. Gross.

You’ll probably think twice now before you lean your head against a plane window to take a nap. If you think the furnishings in your hotel room is any cleaner, it isn’t.

Silk: Your Ticket to Security and Support When You Travel

woman sleeping on airplane without a pillow

For many people, a silk pillowcase seems like a 5-star-hotel luxury purchase.

Here’s the truth. While the bedding in a 5-star hotel may have a high thread count, you’re not likely to find a silk pillowcase of any kind.

Here’s another truth. If your hotel doesn’t offer a mulberry silk pillowcase, it’s in your best interest to bring one for you and each of your family. Silk naturally possesses antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.

All of this is to say that silk’s microfibers may qualify as your secret weapon against leisure sickness. You'll find using a small travel pillow and silk travel travel pillowcase are a must for sanitary accessories.

Certainly, it beats sleeping on overbleached scratchy hotel pillowcases. Your hotel has to get the germs washed out of their cotton pillowcase case somehow. Enter bleach.

Protecting Your Health, Hair, and Skin With a Travel Pillowcase

traveler looking at her hair

It might be a good time to point out that sleeping on bleachy, scratchy pillowcases can’t be good for your skin and hair (aside from just being gross to sleep on).

This is mostly scratchy and annoying, though your skin and strands will take a beating. Lack of sleep plus a scratchy, bleachy pillow case equals a bad hair and skin day.

The Role of Pillowcases in Beauty Routines While Traveling

customer with textured hair

Travel, as thrilling as it can be, sometimes throws a monkey wrench in our beauty routines. Those hotel cotton sheets? Not always skin-friendly. But here's a beauty secret many travelers are now privy to: the magic of silk pillowcases.

Let's dive deeper into why silk, especially from a high-quality brand like Blissy, is becoming the go-to for beauty-conscious travelers. It's not just about luxury—though sliding into sheets of cool, pure silk after a long day of exploration feels absolutely divine. It’s about giving your skin and hair the best treatment, even miles away from home.

Unlike the standard cotton options in most hotels that can tug at your skin and hair, silk ensures you slip into a dream without friction. This means fewer sleep lines on your face and less breakage in your hair. And for anyone who's woken up in a new city with hair that resembles a bird's nest, you’ll appreciate this difference.

Furthermore, silk's hypoallergenic nature provides significant benefits. When you’re hopping from one locale to another, it’s comforting to know your pillow won’t contribute to any potential skin irritations.

Blissy Toddler/Travel Pillowcase

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90+ Reviews
blissy toddler/travel silk pillowcase
  • moisture retaining icon Moisture-Retaining
  • cooling icon Cooling
  • natural fiber icon Natural Fiber
  • hypoallergenic icon Hypoallergenic

What makes Blissy the best?

woman with perfect morning hair in hotel

According to more than 100,000 positive reviews from our customers, Blissy's reputation is unmatched. While it's always great to read rave reviews, feeling is believing. Blissy pillowcases aren't just a product—they're a beauty experience. Traveling can be tough on the skin and hair, but with a silk pillowcase in your travel kit, you can ensure every morning starts with you looking and feeling refreshed.

In short, the next time you're packing for a trip, think beyond your skincare and makeup. Consider the foundation of your beauty sleep: your pillowcase. Because wherever you are in the world, you deserve the best rest.

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What To Look for When Shopping for a Silk Travel Pillowcase

woman feeling hypoallergenic fabric pillow

A silk travel pillow pillowcase solves these problems. Silk is far less abrasive than other materials. When shopping for one, we recommend 100% mulberry silk. This top-quality material is naturally hypoallergenic, and durable, making it ideal for traveling. It also has amazing beauty benefits for hair and skin. It also has a far tighter weave than other materials.

This feature allows the hair and the skin to retain their natural oils, resulting in lovelier hair and skin in the morning. Travel pillows and pillowcases are also small, so they don’t take up much room in your suitcase. The front pocket is an excellent place to store it.

The tight weave of mulberry silk allows it to be exceptionally breathable, promoting airflow to keep your head and neck cool throughout the night. Pure silk is also the softest fabric in existence. This added luxury and comfort will help you sleep at night during your travels.

Look for hypoallergenic, gentle fabrics

blissy vs mulberry park silks

Have skin sensitivities or allergies? The natural protein structure of a mulberry silk pillowcase also makes it resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. For those with allergies or sensitivities, a hypoallergenic mulberry silk pillowcase can help reduce irritation.

The luxurious fabric's smooth texture also results in less pulling or tugging on delicate facial skin and hair. If you have curly hair or frizzy hair, you can benefit from reduced frizz thanks to silk's low friction. This is perfect for sleeping on a plane or train, as you can be sure your hair won't look mussed when you wake up. Consider shopping for a pure silk pillowcase to protect your hair and skin.

Also note, be sure to buy the highest quality silk for your new silk pillowcase. Investing in high-quality mulberry silk ensures your pillowcase will retain its luster and durability over time.

Sizing for Travel Silk Pillowcases

baby blue mulberry silk pillowcase for travel

Silk pillowcases come in every size including standard, king, and queen size. They also come in youth and toddler sizes. If you purchase a 13"x18" toddler pillowcase, it will fit most travel pillows. Make sure to measure your travel pillow before purchasing a travel pillowcase, as there's no guarantee that all travel pillows and pillowcases are the same size.

Of course, if you don't plan on bringing a travel pillow, you'll likely want to bring a standard-sized silk pillowcase to cover your hotel pillow.

Now, that’s a solution for leisure sickness (and bedhead) that we think you can get behind.

Caring for Your Silk Pillowcase on the Go

silk fabric washed in cool water on gentle

Traveling comes with its own set of adventures. Whether you're basking in the sun or exploring new cities, your silk pillowcase, especially one from a luxurious brand like Blissy, deserves some TLC too. While on vacation, you may want to give your pillowcase a quick hand wash every 7 days to keep it clean.

  • Quick Clean: While machine wash is an option, hand washing in cold water while traveling is simple and effective. Use gentle detergents and steer clear of harmful chemicals. In a pinch, even a gentle body wash will do. High momme count silk, like Blissy's, promises both quality and longevity when cared for gently.
  • Air Dry: After washing, gently roll your pillowcase in a towel to absorb excess water. Hang it in a shaded spot, preferably away from direct sunlight, to maintain the fabric's integrity.
  • Travel-Ready Storage: Your Blissy pillowcase's elegant box is perfect for suitcase storage. It ensures the pillowcase remains soft and pristine.
  • Embrace Imperfections: Discover a wrinkle? Use the hotel iron on a low setting. But remember, a wrinkle or two is just a part of the travel tale. After all, you're on vacation!
  • Skin and Silk: After beach days, ensure sunscreen residues are washed off before you lay your skin on the pure silk surface. This keeps both you and your pillowcase fresh for new adventures.

With a quality silk pillowcase in tow, every travel day can end in luxurious comfort. And if there are any hiccups, Blissy’s customer-friendly full refund policy has got you covered.

Elevate Your Journey with a Blissy Silk Sleep Mask

a silk sleep mask is superior to satin

Traveling, whether by plane, train, or resting in unfamiliar hotels, can play havoc on our sleep patterns. Enter the Blissy Sleep Mask, a travel essential you didn’t know you needed. Seamlessly matching your silk pillow, this mask isn’t just about style—it’s a functional beauty asset.

Crafted from the finest silk fabric, Blissy sleep masks offer unparalleled softness, ensuring zero friction against your skin. The gentle touch of silk can also aid in keeping the skin moisturized, ensuring you wake up refreshed, even in changing climates or during those long-haul flights.

Match your sleep mask to your pillowcase!

Don't you love it when functionality meets style? Every Blissy silk sleep mask comes with a matching travel bag, which is perfect for ensuring cleanliness on the go. And if you appreciate coordinated accessories (um, who doesn't?), you'll be thrilled to know that with Blissy's color selection, pairing a sleep mask with your pillowcase is a breeze.

Given the ever-present glow of city lights and screens, achieving total darkness can be a challenge, especially when traveling. But, taking a peek at the reviews, it seems many travelers have found their nighttime haven with Blissy. Dive into uninterrupted sleep, wherever your journey takes you.

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Travel With a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask

blissy has over 100k 5-star reviews

Investing in the best silk pillowcase like those made from mulberry silk can provide beauty sleep benefits. The highest quality silk pillowcases made from mulberry silk are naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin and hair.

With reduced friction, silk pillowcases prevent bed head, split ends, and wrinkles. Properly washing silk pillowcases in cool, lukewarm water on the gentle cycle will keep the fabrics feeling silky soft. Customers absolutely love mulberry silk pillowcases and say they are the perfect choice for sensitive skin and hair.

The Best Travel Silk Pillowcase: Stop Sleeping on Hotel Pillowcases
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