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Inspiring Wolf Cut Curly Hair Looks on Pinterest
Inspiring Wolf Cut Curly Hair Looks on Pinterest

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Whether you have short curly hair or medium to long hair, thick curly hair or curly fine hair—there's a perfect wolf cut for you!

Just about all curly hair types (and face shapes) look cute in a wolf haircut. Whether you don a classic wolf cut, a waterfall wolf cut, a shaggy wolf haircut, or other variations.

The wolf cut is popular and flattering for curly hair for lots of reasons, but a big one is that it removes weight near the top of the head. This gives your curls quite a bit more volume and bounce!

A wolf hairstyle is versatile and fairly low maintenance, too, and won't get that bulky as your hair grows out.

Wondering why it's called a wolf cut? Wolf haircuts are a hybrid between a soft mullet and a shag haircut, which creates a wild, fierce look—much like a wolf's mane.

Embody the power and confidence that comes with a wolf haircut at your next salon visit. Check out these Pinterest looks for inspiration!

Have a round face shape and curly hair type? There are other cuts for curly hair besides the curly wolf haircut that'll make you look fab, too!

Experiment With Your Favorite Curly Wolf Cut

The following Pinterest looks are fun, gorgeous, and versatile—you're bound to find one that suits your style, face shape, and unique curly hair!

1) Edgy wolf cut for heart-shaped faces

This is a wolf cut curly hair loves!

Add texture and extra volume to your hair with this edgy, wolf-mullet hairstyle, featuring short bangs and short layers. It's especially flattering for those with a heart-shaped face. Plus it's a great wolf cut not only for dark hair but for experimenting with bright hair colors.

This look is on the more mullet-y side and features a tapered of the hairs thickness with the length.

2) Shaggy shoulder-length wolf cut with face-framing layers

The face-framing layers, choppy layers, and bold bangs in this wolf cut make the style. Have fun experimenting with bold colors! This wolf cut banks more on the side of a shag cut and is less mullet-y than the previous cut, but is still wolfy enough to be egdy.

This layered cut for curly hair is fab for fine hair. Your stylist should note that a vertical cutting technique is a great way to achieve this look.

3) Voluminous wolf cut for wavy/curly hair

Shorter layers can create too much bulk for very thick curls, so if you have long hair with natural texture and voluminous curls, this is your best wolf cut curly hair.

Keep longer layers and add cute bangs—your natural curls will thrive. Show off that gorgeous curls cascade!

4) Modern shag wolf cut for fine hair

This curly wolf cut is perfect for medium-length hair and fine-to-medium-thickness curls. The longer layers are flattering and beautiful paired with curly bangs that graze the browline.

5) Choppy, summery wolf cut

This is one of the most flattering wolf cuts for fine curls! Hop on the choppy wolf cut trend by adding wispy layers and long bangs to your wolf cut curly hair.

This choppy wolf cut for curly hair and its soft layers pairs perfectly with lighter hair colors if you're going for an oh-so-beachy vibe!

6) Pinup-style wolf cut for thick curls

If you have thick hair and love vintage style (think iconic Betty Grable), try this fashionable layered wolf cut with baby bangs.

This wolf cut looks great with natural hair colors, like blonde, brown, and red, but can also be fun to try with bold colors, like pink!

7) Wolf shag cut for loose curls

This wolf shag haircut with curtain bangs is ideal for those with fine curly hair, or even waves.

The shaggy layers and curtain bangs in this layered wolf cut are a vibe—if you love '70s style, then this is the wolf cut for you!

How to Maintain Your Glam, Naturally Curly Hair

An easy-yet-glam way to keep your gorgeous curled wolf cut looking its best (and eliminate frizz) is to sleep on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase, made from the highest quality mulberry silk.

how to care for wolf cut hairstyle

Sleeping on our silk pillowcase is so important for those with curly hair types, which need plenty of moisture to keep frizz at bay.

Not only does a silk pillowcase feel ultra-soft and comfortable to sleep on (silk even helps regulate body temperature), but it also actually helps your hair stay hydrated.

Silk will not absorb moisture, allowing your hair's natural oils (and even hair products, like leave-in conditioner) to stay in your hair where they belong!

Plus, sleeping on silk has other beauty and wellness benefits, like fewer new fine lines and wrinkles and more radiant skin.

Here are some other tips on how to keep your naturally curly hair looking lovely:

  • Try air-drying damp hair whenever you wash it
  • Wrap your hair daily or wear a silk bonnet when you sleep
  • Don't wash your hair too frequently, since shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils

Click here for even more tips on how to get the most glossy, fabulous hair that you've ever seen!

Choosing the Best Cuts for Naturally Curly Hair

These Pinterest photos will help you find your ideal, trendy wolf cut curly hair look—get ready to wow everyone with your pretty curls!

Is your hair more wavy than curly? We've got you covered, too. Check out some of our favorite low-maintenance hairstyles and care tips that are perfect for wavy hair.


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