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How To Get Shiny Hair So Glossy, Your Friends Will Need Sunglasses To Look At You
How To Get Shiny Hair So Glossy, Your Friends Will Need Sunglasses To Look At You

There are many ways to get beautifully glossy hair with not-too-much effort. From DIY treatments to small lifestyle changes, you can say goodbye to dull hair and hello to—YES!—the shiniest hair you’ve ever seen.

Below are some tips and products that will teach you how to get shiny hair and help you reach those shiny hair goals.

Let’s start with silk.

How Silk Products Can Help

Silk is your hair’s best friend—it's an integral part of a healthy hair care routine for shinier hair.

Unlike cotton and other synthetic materials that strip hair of natural oils, silk is not absorbent. Absorbent materials cause frizz, dry hair, split ends, and breakage. Shiny hair starts with keeping your hair's natural moisture in the hair shaft. Silk helps to retain extra moisture from your natural oils and hair styling products, leading to swoon-worthy, glossy hair.

This is due to silk’s naturally occurring sericin protein. This creates a very smooth, luxurious texture that promotes moisture retention, adding shine to your hair.

woman with shiny curly hair

Pro Tip: Curlier hair needs more moisture!

Silk also acts as an anti-frizz tool by reducing friction on your hair (43% less friction than cotton!). This helps prevent tangling and hair breakage, no matter your hair type.

Pro Tip: Satin and silk are NOT the same

Always look for products that are 100% mulberry silk. While technically, silk refers to the fibers of the material and satin refers to the weave of the fabric—for practical purposes, products marketed as "satin" without the word "silk" are going to be made of synthetic materials like nylon, rayon, and polyester. These materials do not promote hair health like silk.

Silk Works While You Sleep

You don’t have to carve out extra time in your daily routine to get alluring, shiny hair. Start off by simply using silk sleep and beauty essentials.

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases promote healthy hair by reducing breakage, which can happen while you toss and turn. It also helps keep your hair's moisture in your hair rather than absorbing it like cotton. You'll see a noticeable difference within a week of switching to a silk pillowcase. As an added bonus, silk is great for skin and helps regulate body temperature, keeping you comfy as you sleep.

woman using mulberry silk pillowcase

Silk Sleep Masks

Use a sleep mask made of silk instead of any other subpar material. This will further help you prevent brittle hair and breakage. The mask and strap will not pull or rip hair while you are wearing it, leading to maximum shine.

woman using silk sleep mask

Silk Robes

Indulge in self-care while promoting shiny locks. If you have hair that is shoulder length or longer, wear a silk robe while you are brushing hair or using a blow dryer or flat iron. Not only will you feel comfortable and fabulous, but you’ll protect your glossy hair from friction, tugging, and breakage that would occur while wearing a robe made from any other fabric.

woman wearing pure silk robe

Hair Accessories

Some other easy ways you can have the shiniest hair is by using hair accessories that promote hair health, boost shine, and protect the hair shaft.

Silk Scrunchies

Ditch rubber bands, standard hair ties, and other scrunchies that are not made from silk. Wearing your hair pulled back tightly can be damaging to your hair.

Silk scrunchies nourish hair and will not jeopardize your strands. Silk scrunchies eliminate snags and creases. They also reduce friction on that gorgeous glass hair of yours while keeping natural scalp oils locked in. They are an especially great choice for fine hair or natural hair.

woman using real silk scrunchie

Pro Tip: Try a loose bun, ponytail, or braid with a silk scrunchie to help heal your hair.

Silk Headbands

Look cute while helping protect your hair cuticle! Silk headbands are great to wear while sitting at your vanity putting on makeup or while indulging in your skincare routine. They will not absorb products and help keep the natural oil in your hair, leading to more shine in your hair.

Boar Bristle Brush

By using a boar bristle brush, you allow your hair’s natural scalp oils to distribute evenly throughout your hair. The boar bristles also remove damaged strands (which cause dullness) and add shine by sealing the hair cuticle.

Many hair professionals recommend using a boar bristle brush, including celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. But boar bristle brushes are not for every type of hair, so make sure to check whether your hair stylist recommends it for you.

woman with boar bristle brush

Pro Tip: Avoid using a boar bristle brush on wet hair—it will not distribute your hair’s natural oils as well. Detangle first by using a wide-tooth comb.

How to Get Shiny Hair with Hair Treatments

Here are some hair treatments to help you achieve maximum shine while promoting your hair’s health.

Gloss Treatment

These are semi-permanent treatments that add shine. They help brighten your existing hair color while creating shinier hair.

how to get shiny hair

Pro Tip: No time? Apply olive oil or another hair oil for temporary shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Remove excess product buildup with an apple cider vinegar rinse! This can easily be done as a DIY at-home treatment.

ACV has many benefits. It can:

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Promote shiny hair
  • Improve your hair’s health
  • Strengthen and soften hair by closing the hair cuticle and hair shaft
  • Lessen frizz (making this a great option for those with curly and natural texture hair), and
  • Help protect the vibrancy of hair color in color-treated hair

Make sure to use moisturizing shampoos before doing your ACV rinse and rinse with cold water at the end.

apple cider vinegar rinse

Pro Tip: If you have dry hair, an apple cider vinegar rinse can still be beneficial in achieving glossy hair, but you may want to use a greater water to vinegar ratio.

Other Tips

  • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats and omega fatty acids to nourish your hair.
  • Wash your hair less often so as to not strip hair of natural oils and promote hair growth.
  • Ditch the hair dryer and try air drying wet hair. The less heat styling the better.
  • Use cool water, or at least rinse your hair with cold water. This helps retain natural oils.
  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo removes excess product buildup, which helps hair masks and treatments work efficiently.
  • Use leave-in conditioner and/or hair oil to help get shinier hair.
  • Try a good-quality deep conditioning treatment.
  • Semi-permanent color can actually bring vibrancy back to dull hair!

Let us know your favorite tips for how to get shiny hair! 

How To Get Shiny Hair So Glossy, Your Friends Will Need Sunglasses To Look At You

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