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Hair Breakage at Crown: 5 Essential Prevention Tips
Hair Breakage at Crown: 5 Essential Prevention Tips

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Key takeaways:

  • Avoid tight hairstyles and use silk hair accessories to prevent hair breakage.

  • Eat a nutrient-rich diet and consider supplements like collagen for hair health.

  • Get regular trims to remove split ends and prevent further breakage.

  • Minimize heat styling and use a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and hydrate hair.


Crown breakage refers to damaged and split hair strands near the very top of the head. Causes can range from use of hot tools, chemical treatments, styling practices, tight hairstyles, and more.

Hair breakage at the crown can lead to frizzy, flat, and dull strands. But...

Don't let damaged hair and crown breakage get you down!

There are plenty of ways to prevent hair breakage while maintaining your gorgeous locks.

The following 5 tips focus on simple methods to stop hair breakage while improving overall hair health.

Tip 1: Gentle Styling

protect the hair cuticle with gentle hairstyles

One of the most common hair-breakage-at-crown causes is tight hairstyles and damaging accessories.

Avoid future hair breakage by saying goodbye to tight ponytails, updos, and braidsand by switching to silk hair accessories.

Tight hairstyles put pressure on the hair shaft, scalp, and hair follicles. You can end up with hair breakage and scalp soreness. Wearing tight styles for long periods can even lead to thinning hair and hair loss.

Even protective styles won't protect your hair from everything. Prolonged stress on hair follicles from tight, protective styles can also lead to damage and hair loss (traction alopecia).

Using traditional hair ties to pull up your hair (or even worse, rubber bands) can also lead to crown hair breakage. Basic hair ties put a lot of friction on hair strands. If you pull up your hair the same way each day, that damage compounds.

Instead of standard hair ties, switch to silk scrunchies! Silk hair accessories aren't just luxurious and stylish. They drastically reduce friction on hair strands, lessen frizz, and keep hair crease-free.

Quick tip:

Some headbands use a rubber grip to keep them in place. Avoid thesethey pull on baby hairs. Hold your hair back with a silk head piece instead.

Looking for gentle styling practices?

If you want to wear your hair up, try these ideas:

Loose braid

Wearing hair in a loose braid is one of the best ways to protect your locks and avoid hair breakage at the crown.

Whether you weave your hair into a basic braid, French braid, or Dutch braid, your hair will be happy! Just make sure not to pull it tight.

Low pony or bun

A tight hairstyle on top of the head puts a lot of pressure on the crown area, leading to breakage.

Instead, try a looser, low pony or bun. This will prevent hair breakage at the crown. Gently gather your hair and fix it in place with a luxe Blissy Silk Scrunchie or Hair Ribbon.

Pineapple bun

If you have curly hair, a pineapple bun is a super cute way to protect your curls!

Create a loose bun at the top of the head. Use a silk hair accessory to tie it up, like a Blissy Oversized Scrunchie. Opt for a Blissy Hair Ribbon to add an elegant touch.

Tip 2: Nutrition

reduce hair thinning with better nutrition

Ready for super shiny, damage-free hair? Start with your overall health:

A balanced diet and supplements for hair strength can make a dramatic difference

Keep yourself healthy for healthy hair!

A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients will help strengthen your hair and promote healthy hair growth.

Certain nutrients, like vitamins B, C, E, biotin, and zinc, are particularly important for hair health.

One way to get these nutrients naturally is through the food you eat.

Here are some hair-healthy eats to incorporate in your diet:

  • Chicken. It's high in B vitamins like biotin and niacin, which aid hair growth.

  • Avocado. It's a good source of B and E vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, which nourish hair.

  • Legumes. They're an excellent source of biotin, iron, and zinc.

  • Citrus fruits. Eat citrus to get your daily dose of vitamin C! This vitamin assists in hair growth by maintaining collagen stores. It also improves iron absorption, which is essential for hair health.

If you'd like to try a supplement, collagen is an excellent choice. Collagen is a natural protein that supports connective tissue, skin elasticity, and hair.

It's commonly touted as an anti-aging supplement and may help improve skin and hair health.

The production of collagen decreases as we age, so it's important to consume adequate amounts. Certain foods can stimulate collagen production, like beef and bone broth.

Tip 3: Regular Trimming

broken hair

Treat hair breakage at the crown and prevent further damage by trimming your hair regularly.

If split ends are not removed, they'll spread further up the hair shaft. This makes hair weaker and more prone to breakingnot to mention duller and frizzier.

If you experience hair breakage, it might be time for a haircut. Prevent split ends by trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks. This time frame is also ideal for those with chemically-treated hair.

Cutting hair regularly will promote healthy hair growth. By snipping away split ends and damage, your hair is less likely to break offleading to lengthier, smoother, more voluminous locks!

More pros of getting regular trims:

  • Your hair will be easier to style. Healthy hair is less likely to tangle and knot!

  • Your hair will look and feel healthier. After removing damaged hair, your hair will immediately be more shiny, bouncy, and vibrant.

Tip 4: Blissy Silk Pillowcase & Hair Accessories

blissy helps hair grow

Sleeping on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase and wearing our silk hair accessories will help fix hair breakage at the crownwhile pampering you!

Our luxe, silk products are an investment into your beauty and wellness.

Please don't waste your money on a satin pillowcase. They're often crafted from synthetic materials, like polyester, and treated with harsh chemicals.

Hair benefits of using our high-end silk pillowcases and accessories include:

  • Shinier, healthier hair

  • Reduced hair breakage at crown

  • Less frizz and split ends

  • Fewer tangles

  • Happier curls and waves

Aside from happy hair, our mulberry silk is fantastic for:

  • Improving skin tone

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Helping you get better sleep

  • Lessening nighttime and early-morning allergies

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Our mulberry silk pillowcase is crafted from the highest-grade silk. This makes it an extremely smooth, comforting, and high-performing fabric.

Sleeping on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase will help your hair (and skin) stay hydrated. Silk will not absorb your hair's natural oils, or any leave-in conditioners or treatments. Cotton, known for its absorbency, soaks moisture up like a sponge, leaving hair dry and lifeless.

You won't toss and turn as much at night because our comfortable silk pillowcase is cooling and moisture-wicking. Less tossing equals less tension on hair strands, but alsosilk itself is nearly friction-free:

Silk causes 43% less friction than cotton

Because of these properties, you'll wake up to gorgeous, soft hair. Resting on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase is one of the easiest ways to dramatically reduce hair breakage.

Blissy Bonnet

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  • snag free icon Snag and Dent Free
  • frizz icon Eases Frizz
  • scrunchie icon Prevents Damage
  • moisturizing icon Nourishing

Blissy hair accessories

Styling your hair with Blissy hair accessories is chic and key to helping treat hair breakage at the crown. Our silk hair accessories like scrunchies, bonnets, headbands, and ribbons are made with the same deluxe silk as our pillowcase.

They will not cause breakage, creases, or dents in your hair.

We offer an accessory for all hair types, whether you have thinner or thicker hair, or straight or curly hair. Blissy Skinny Scrunchies are ideal for those with short or fine hair. Our Oversized Scrunchies are perfect for those with long, luscious locks.

If you already have some crown hair damage, slip on an ultra-chic Blissy Bonnet to help hide hair breakage while nourishing your hair back to health.

More about us:

All luxurious Blissy products are OEKO-TEX Certified, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and natural

Tip 5: Minimize Heat Styling

reduce blow drying for healthy growth

Our final tipplease put down that blow dryer! ...along with your straightener, curling irons, and all other heated tools.

One of the biggest causes of hair breakage at crown hair is heat damage. Consistent use of heat styling tools leads to damaged hair.

Excessive heat can alter your hair structure, including the keratin within it. Heat damage can also strip your hair of its natural oils, harm the cuticle, and cause strands to become more porous.

All of this leads to dry, dull, brittle hair and breakage at the crown.

If you do use hot tools, make sure to keep your hair hydrated with conditioning treatments and oils. And, spritz a heat protectant spray on your hair before styling.

Alternatives to heat styling

Avoid future hair breakage by styling your hair without heat.

Here are some ideas:

Preventing Hair Breakage at Crown

Fix hair breakage at the crown with gentle styling, balanced nutrition, regular trims, Blissy silk products, and less use of hot tools.

The easiest (and most luxurious way) to nourish your hair is by sleeping on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase.

If you're ready for luscious locks and lustrous hairswitch to silk!

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