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Expert Advice: How to Wash Silk Bonnet and Preserve Its Quality
Expert Advice: How to Wash Silk Bonnet and Preserve Its Quality

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Key takeaways:

  • Wash silk bonnets every 1-2 weeks with a gentle detergent for longevity.

  • Always air dry silk bonnets after washing to prevent heat damage.

  • Store silk bonnets in a cool, dry place not in direct sunlight.

  • Handle silk bonnets gently to avoid rips, tugs or snags.


Wearing a silk bonnet nightly is a great way to help your hair stay healthy and shiny. But these bonnets need proper care to maintain their quality. What kind of care does a silk bonnet need?

Silk is a durable yet delicate fabric. Using the right silk care products, such as Blissy Wash, helps ensure that your silk bonnets remain in excellent shape. We'll walk you through how to care for your silk bonnet. But first, let's explore silk in more detail.

Understanding Silk Fabric

silk wash tips

Silk is a natural material that comes from silkworms. Its lightweight feel can be a bit deceiving, since this fabric is not flimsy but highly durable. Silk bonnets won't wear out or become damaged easily when you take good care of them.

Despite its durability, silk needs to be handled and cared for the right way. Using the wrong detergent or washing on a cycle that's too rough, for example, can shorten the lifespan of silk bonnets and other silk products.

So, how should you wash your silk bonnet? What's the best way to dry it? How do silk bonnets need to be stored? The following advice can help you take great care of these silk products, so they last a long, long time.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Silk Bonnets

You can machine wash or hand wash silk bonnets. Ideally, plan on washing yours about every 1 to 2 weeks. Whichever way you prefer, use the following instructions as a guide to care for your silk bonnets.

wash your satin or silk with cold water

Hand-washing silk bonnets

  1. Fill a clean sink or basin with cold water, then add a gentle detergent that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. Consider Blissy Wash for its gentle formula.
  2. Turn your silk bonnet inside out, then soak it in the water for about 10 minutes.
  3. Squeeze gently while soaking to help remove oils and other debris that can accumulate on your silk bonnet.
  4. Drain the soapy water from the sink or basin, then fill it up with clean, cool water.
  5. Soak your silk bonnet to give it a good rinse, then gently squeeze excess water.

Machine washing silk bonnets

  1. Turn your silk bonnet inside out, then place it in your washing machine. You may want to use a mesh laundry bag for further protection.
  2. Wash your silk bonnet with like colors only. Avoid washing it with heavier items, like towels.
  3. Add a gentle laundry detergent, then wash it on the delicate cycle. Use cool water, not warm or hot water when you machine wash your silk bonnet.

Additional Care Tips

Air-dry silk bonnets

Now, what about drying silk bonnets? Is there a right way to do so? Avoid putting your silk bonnet in the dryer. While this might be a quick and convenient way to dry silk, it's not recommended.

To keep your silk bonnet in outstanding condition, let it air dry. Whether you hand wash or machine wash, lay your bonnet flat on a dry, clean towel. You can roll the towel up with the bonnet inside to let it soak up more moisture. This helps it air dry faster.

Unroll the towel, then hang up your silk bonnet or lay it on a drying rack to dry. Letting it air dry helps protect it from damage that a dryer might do due to heat exposure.

wash bonnets with delicate detergent

Store silk bonnets with care

Where should you keep your silk bonnet? The best way to store it is to place it in a cool, dry spot that's not in direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun's rays may cause your bonnet's colors to fade.

Place it in a drawer or a closet shelf to keep it in good shape. Make sure it's not lying against any rough surfaces that can cause it to snag or rip.

Handle silk bonnets gently

When putting your silk bonnet on or taking it off, always handle it gently. Avoid tugging or pulling on it, since this could damage the fabric.

Use a mesh bag for added protection

Silk bonnets can get crushed inside your washing machine, especially if you're doing a big load of laundry. Protect your silk bonnet with a mesh bag, such as the Blissy Mesh Laundry Bag. Simply place the bonnet in the mesh bag to keep it safe while being washed.

wash bonnets on gentle cycle

The Benefits of Choosing Quality

When you're looking for materials for healthier hair, always go with high-quality silk products. These items will last longer than other types, like satin.

Mulberry silk is the perfect silk fabric to get when you want the best results for your hair. This natural material is gentle on your hair, while reducing frizz, improving shine, and increasing moisture.

Wrapping your hair in a high-quality silk bonnet, like Blissy Silk Bonnets, can help you achieve lustrous, healthy hair.

Find High-Quality Silk Care Products

Now that you know how to properly care for your silk bonnets, it's time to make sure you have high-quality silk care products. With the right products, you can look forward to using your bonnets night after night to help your hair look and feel its best.

For washing silk bonnets, consider Blissy Wash. This gentle detergent is ideal for getting silk items clean. To protect your silk bonnets in the wash, check out Blissy Mesh Laundry Bags. These bags are designed to keep silk items safe while being washed. Also, try pairing your silk bonnet with a signature silk Blissy pillowcase for best results!

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