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Blissy's New Summer Collection: Mediterranean Coast Colors
Blissy's New Summer Collection: Mediterranean Coast Colors

A Celebration of a Coast Rich in Culture and History

This summer's trending colors are all about expressions of nature and Blissy's new Summer Collection is fitting with the spirit. With its natural hues and luxurious mulberry silk fabrics, this line is sure to bring joy to anyone.

amalfi coast

If you're looking for a classy, fun way to express your creativity through your bedroom décor, we recommend any of the soft silk pillowcases in this collection. The Coral silk pillowcase is an especially playful way to make a color statement. Olive and Azure are more traditional while still lending a breath of fresh air to a room or outfit.

Azure Is One of the Hottest Summer 2022 Color Trends

Show off your great style with an azure silk pillowcase. This is one of the most universally loved shades in the blues family. This dynamic soothing color will pair nicely with many of the existing colors in your space.

azure sea and sky tunisia

Azure Scrunchie: Wear the Color of the Sea in Your Hair

As a hair scrunchie, it's the perfect accessory to form a dazzling outfit that's on point with summer 2022 color trends. The wonderful thing about this shade of blue is that it sparkles on any complexion.

azure blue scrunchie

The fashion industry is going nuts over this color! The most exclusive designers and brands are reviving this classic color on the runways.

Azure Pairs Excellently with Other Pantone Color Institute Trending Colors

It even works with the Pantone Color Institute Pantone Color of the Year, Veri Peri—a lovely periwinkle. So if you have periwinkle in any of your current styling, azure makes will work correctly as a bold complement.

Azure Color Pairing Tips

Azure fits into a wide range of color palettes. It looks excellent next to bright yellows and oranges. It also sparkles among other shades of blue. Azure next to pink can make a striking image as well. It's really all about using your imagination.

azure blissy

We recommend staying away from darker colors like black, brown, and royal purple. The beauty of Azure can get lost and look almost muddy among these sorts of colors.

Find These Blissy Best Sellers Available in Azure

Blissy's signature silk pillowcase (standard/queen/king), silk scrunchies (skinny/regular), and sleep masks are all available in Azure blue. You won't find any ordinary cotton in this collection, only pure 100% mulberry silk that will feel great against your skin and keep you cool in the months to come.

Olive Is the Darling of the Fashion Industry This Season

The olive is familiar to many a community in the Mediterranean. In fact, the olive is so essential to everyday life in Mediterranean culture that to offer an "olive branch" means to extend peace and friendship.

olive branch

Olive Is Beloved in Summer Trend Forecasting

Olive is a unique color that's perfect for adding a touch of natural luxury to your summer style. It's a great color to use as an accent, whether it's as a scrunchie on your head or as part of your your home décor.

Trend forecasting for summer 2022 color trends is making Olive an essential hue this season. You may see variations and adjacent shades of this vibrant green shade in stores as shades of lime or even buttery yellow.

olive silk

Olive Style Tips

Olive is a great color for those who want to experiment with jewel tones but don’t want to go too bold. It pairs beautifully with other earth tones like tan, camel, and brown. You can also create a beautiful contrast by pairing it with blush or a peachy pink.

Find These Blissy Best Sellers Available in Olive

Again, you'll find Blissy's signature silk pillowcase (standard/queen/king), silk scrunchies (skinny/regular), and sleep masks available in Olive. This is such a fun color to wear and display in your home.

blissy olive silk scrunchies

Why not switch things up this season to create a little Mediterranean oasis in your own home and accessory collection?

Coral Silk Pillowcases and Accessories for the Bold

This hue is for those who love to explore and desire a little spontaneity in their lives.

Coral is an exciting way to punch up of a room full of white or beige. Rooms with accents like a coral silk pillowcase really speak of Mediterranean-style living and fashion.

coral silk pillowcase

Coral Orange Around the Fashion World

Hot orange hues are one of the focal points of summer 2022 color trends. You'll see this color sell in stores all over London, Milan, and Paris as one of the trending colors in this summer's style palette.

Coral for Mediterranean Lovers

Coral is for the most bold among us who are dreaming of the easy life on the Mediterranean Riviera.

coral mosaic

Careful placement of coral accessories and décor can really zhuzh up a room. Something like a coral silk pillowcase can really become a gorgeous feature in your bedroom. It lends a moment of surprise when you first enter a room.

Coral Style Tips

Either use Coral as an accent on light-colored neutrals or incorporate it into an already colorful decorating palette. Almost anything goes with bright colors this summer 2022. Just make sure not to pair Coral with too much black, as this can look too Halloween-y.

Royal purple makes a bold complement that speaks of northern African vibes. Coral looks fabulous among other warm colors such as reds, yellows, and pinks. It will also make an impressive contrast with colors like aqua and kelly green.

coral silk scrunchie

Find These Blissy Best Sellers Available in Coral

Available in the Blissy silk pillowcase (standard/queen/king), silk scrunchies (skinny/regular), and sleep mask. Coral is a great color to transition from spring to summer. All of Blissy's 100% mulberry silk items are lightweight and breathable—perfect for summer! 

Don't Miss Out on This Collection

Shop the collection now before it's gone! Coral, Azure, and Olive are all colors that will be popular in summer 2022. Get ahead of the trends by picking up these pieces now. A Coral silk pillowcase will be your saving grace this summer to help you beat the heat and cool down! 

Blissy's New Summer Collection: Mediterranean Coast Colors

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