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Blissy vs Slip Review: What is the Best Silk Pillowcase?
Blissy vs Slip Review: What is the Best Silk Pillowcase?

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Key takeaways:

  • Both Blissy and Slip pillowcases are made from high-quality mulberry silk that helps hair and skin.

  • Blissy pillowcases are OEKO-TEX certified for safety, come in more colors and sizes, and have a 60-day return policy.

  • Slip pillowcases lack some of the features of Blissy like OEKO-TEX certification and broad sizing.

  • Blissy is the better choice over Slip because of its strict quality standards, wider range of sizes, and safety certifications.


You may have recently learned about the beauty and health benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Whether you learned about it from a celebrity hairstylist, a dermatologist, or your favorite TikTok influencer, you probably want to experience one for yourself.

You may have even started researching, what is the best silk pillowcase? Chances you are considering Blissy vs Slip, as these two brands are the silk pillowcase darlings of the beauty press.

Learn the Differences Between Blissy and Slip

Before we compare these top pillowcase brands, let’s first consider the benefits of using luxury sleep accessories including a pure mulberry silk pillowcase.

woman sleeping on black silk pillowcase

Why Use a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

First, for centuries people considered silk to be elegant and luxurious. This is partially because this luxurious fabric feels amazing against the skin. For some people, that is enough reason to use it, but the material has tons of other health and beauty benefits.

Why not use satin or cotton pillowcases?

You may wonder: why invest in a natural silk pillowcase when a cotton pillowcase or satin pillowcase is cheaper? Since satin is a weave, not a fabric, results would vary but many inexpensive satin pillowcases are made from non-breathable and unnatural polyester.

Cotton pillowcases may seem like a natural, healthy option. There are benefits to using cotton for many products, but cotton tends to absorb moisture and actually can dry out your hair and skin. Due to the tight weave and long fibers, it helps retain moisture.

How a silk pillowcase helps you look and feel your best

When using a silk pillowcase, your hair and skin care products stay in place so you benefit from them even more. Polyester satin pillowcases and cotton pillowcases may seem more affordable, but chances are you spend more each year on hair and skin care products than you would on the best affordable silk pillowcase.

The sleep benefits of silk

Another miraculous benefits is the natural material is hypoallergenic. This also helps you achieve a restful night’s sleep. Especially if you pair your silk pillowcase with a silk sleep mask to block light pollution.

Sleep is when your body and skin repair and heal. Getting enough sleep helps you look and feel your healthiest.

When you toss and turn at night, a more grippy cotton pillowcase slightly catches and tugs your skin which may over time contribute to premature facial wrinkles.

beautiful woman sleeping on champagne silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases for great hair

Rubbing your hair on a cotton or polyester pillowcase results in waking up with messy bedhead, tangles, and split-ends. A real silk pillowcase is more slippery and doesn’t tug or pull on the skin and hair.

In other words, a silk pillowcase helps reduce tangles, frizz, split-ends, hair breakage, and bed head. No wonder so many celebrity hairstylists recommend them whether their clients have curly hair, coarse hair, or straight hair.

A pure silk pillowcase is all the more important if you have frizzy hair or damaged hair. It protects your hair from the friction caused by other materials.

Comparing the Top-Rated Brands of Silk Pillowcase: Blissy vs Slip

Two brands frequently come up when discussing the best pillowcases for beauty sleep. Sooner or later you may find yourself deciding on Blissy vs Slip. 

Blissy vs Slip comparison chart

Blissy vs Slip Features  


Both the Blissy silk pillowcase and the Slip silk pillowcase are made from grade 6A long fiber mulberry silk. When shopping for the best silk pillowcase, 100% pure mulberry silk is the best choice.

These natural fibers are made by silkworms who live in an optimal environment and only eat mulberry leaves. They weave uniformly long and high-quality strands.

Momme weight

Also consider the momme fabric weight. It may help to think of momme count as similar to thread count as to cotton. A high momme mulberry pillowcase is beautiful but delicate. Blissy and Slip both sell 22-momme weight pillowcases.

OEKO-TEX Certified®

OEKO-TEX certified pure silk goes through a strict production process. This process prohibits any harsh chemicals or other toxic substances. So you know what you're getting is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Blissy carries this safety label while Slip does not. 

Machine washable

When choosing a pillowcase you want an easy-care option that you can machine wash on the delicate cycle setting or at least hand wash. Blissy and Slip pillowcases may both be washed in your laundry machine on the delicate cycle. 

woman doing laundry


Blissy has won the Good Housekeeping Award for Best Bedding and for Good Housekeeping Award for Best Tested Products. Slip has won an award for Best Bedding only. Additionally, Blissy has also won the Modern Riviera Best Beauty Sleep Award while Slip has not won this award. 

Size selection

A pillowcase that's too loose will appear baggy on your pillow while one that's too tight will put undue strain on the seams. Slip only offers pillowcases in queen and king sizes. A queen size pillowcase will be baggy and rumpled on a standard pillowcase, which is what most people sleep on.

Blissy offers pillowcase in sizes from toddler, youth, standard, queen, and king. So there's a Blissy pillowcase for every member of the family! 

kids with pillows

Color selection 

Here comes the fun part! Blissy offers pillowcases in 36 different colors (and they're always coming out with new ones). So Blissy definitely has a pillowcase that matches your décor exactly. Slip only carries 15 colors, and these colors are not available for every size and closure type. It will be harder to find your favorite color if you shop with Slip. 


If you're like most people, you want to make sure you actually like a product before committing. Blissy lets you try their products for 60 days (2 whole months!!) risk-free. That means after the end of 60 days, if you don't like the product, you send it back for a full refund.

Slip does not offer this guaranteeyou can only return your product within 14 days if it arrived damaged or faulty. Otherwise, you can only exchange your productand they make you pay a fee to do so. Sounds risky! 

Free and fast delivery

It's always nice when a company offers free delivery. Who wants to pay an extra $5-$10 for shipping after taxes? Luckily, Blissy offers free same or next day delivery on all orders. Slip only offers free delivery on orders over $70. 

pillow on bed


Price can be a determining factor for many shoppers, although other shoppers prefer to look at overall value. Blissy's queen size pillowcase is $74.96 while Slip's comes in at $89. 

Overall value

Blissy and Slip pillowcases have a lot in common, but they are not identical. It's clear that the Blissy pillowcase offers much greater value. Not only is it $14 cheaper than Slip's, it also carries the reputable OEKO-TEX label, offers a 60 day risk-free guarantee, has a vastly larger color selection, more sizing options, and more awards. It's a no-brainermost shoppers would prefer Blissy over Slip. 

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Slip Silk Pillowcase

Some big-name influencers credit Slip for helping them maintain their skin and hair. Slip pillowcases are made from mulberry silk and come with either a zipper closure or an envelope closure.

Blissy Silk Pillowcases

Blissy pillowcases are also frequently mentioned by influencers and in the press. In fact, Blissy won the 2021 Good Housekeeping Bedding Award and was given a shout-out in Oprah Daily.

These pure mulberry pillowcases have a hidden zipper closure that keeps the pillow neatly contained. Also high quality, but Blissy can be an affordable silk pillowcase if you catch them on sale.

Blissy only uses OEKO-TEX certified pure mulberry silk. This silk goes through a strict production process that prohibits the use of harsh chemicals or any other toxic substances. These strict standards result in affordable silk pillowcases that are naturally hypoallergenic and protect hair.

blissy pink pillowcase

What makes Blissy silk pillowcases special

In addition to the high purity standards, a Blissy pillowcase delivers a number of other qualities that make it unique:

Handmade: Blissy products are made by hand 

Machine washable: Just follow the washing and care instructions

Zipper closure: Blissy's hidden zipper keeps the pillow securely inside and gives a tidy look

Grade 6A 22-momme weight: A Blissy silk pillowcase is made from the ideal silk fabric for pillowcases

Risk-free period: Try it risk-free for 60 days

Customer Reviews: Blissy has more 5-star customer reviews than any other brand. See what they have to say in these video reviews.

Largest color selection: Over 36 beautiful colors made with non-toxic dyes

Broad size selection: Toddler, youth, standard, queen, and king sizes

When comparing Blissy vs Slip, the choice becomes easy. While both brands offer the luxury and beauty benefits, Blissy’s strict quality standards and range of sizes are the best investment for consumers conscious of their health and appearance.


Blissy vs Slip Review: What is the Best Silk Pillowcase?

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