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Blissy is the Ultimate Silk Scrunchie Brand for Hair Fashionistas
Blissy is the Ultimate Silk Scrunchie Brand for Hair Fashionistas

Blissy's 100% silk scrunchies come in a variety of sizes and colors/prints to match your mood. Silk has the ability to absorb dye beautifully and make any color glow. Wearing a silk scrunchie is like wearing a jewel in your hair that's sure to draw the attention of everyone who sees it.

Impress Your Hair Stylist and Ditch Your Hair Tie

You put a lot of effort into your tresses to create a complete beauty look from head to toe. And your hair stylist plays a vital role in helping your hair look awesome. Wearing silk scrunchies from the number one silk scrunchie brand (Blissy) is one way you can help protect your hair against frizz and breakage. Your hairdresser will appreciate it! The less breakage you have, the healthier your hair, and the more your stylist can do for you.

woman wearing pink silk scrunchie

A silk scrunchie has tons of benefits for your hair. Blissy scrunchies are so gentle that it won't leave dents in your hair. But it will leave your hair super smooth and easy to comb through! Cotton and polyester scrunchies are rougher than silk and can cause damage in the form of static and breakage. This is especially devastating for thick or curly hair.

Borrow a Bit of Vintage Hollywood Glamour

Silk has long been associated with the glamour of Hollywood. The pictures from those days feature famous female stars wearing beautiful silk gowns on the red carpet of their premieres. Blissy's Marilyn Monroe silk tail scrunchie carries the essence of those days in pure white with tails that evoke the bows used to tie back hair during Ms. Monroe's heyday.

The silk scrunchie features a bow detail in the form of a print of Marylin's lips in bright red on the tail for a saucy little secret. Try this one out for a cute daytime ponytail look.

marilyn monroe blissy tail scrunchie

Match Your Outfits With Ease

Whether you pull your hair back with a scrunchie as part of your fashion identity or have days where you want to relax and keep your hair informal, you still want to look put together. Blissy offers silk scrunchies in 20 colors and patterns with new styles released regularly.

Wear a pastel tie-dye for a bit of femme fun on those days you don't feel like being serious. Need to dress more conservatively? Wear a scrunchy in navy blue or champagne around a prim bun.

oversize orchid silk scrunchie

It's always a good idea to carry a scrunchie or two with you in your bag or around your wrist to make sure you always have one available to wear. There are other brands that sell silk scrunchies, but you'll find that Blissy silk scrunchies are the most durable and highest quality. Don't be fooled by satin scrunchiesβ€”these are not real silk and don't have the same benefits for hair.

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Wrap Your Hear in a Silk Scrunchie Before Bed

Wearing your hair up in a bun or loose ponytail and using a silk scrunchy in place of a hair tie can go a long way to protect your strands and avoid creases. Once you make a practice of this, you'll save your hair from friction and enhance your hair's health.

use a silk scrunchie before bed

AΒ Wide Variety of Colors and Sizes

Blissy is a scrunchie brand that goes the distance to provide you with a range of colors to complement any outfit or mood. You can buy Blissy scrunchies in singles or sets in a variety of widths (skinny/regular/oversize) that work for all types, thicknesses, and lengths and make it easy to find one that meets your needs.

The skinny scrunchies are relatively thin and are more practical for just tying back hair for a workout or any other time you want to get hair out of your face. Regular-sized scrunchies are just the thing for an everyday hairstyle. Oversized scrunchies are perfect to wear when you want to feel extra elegant.

black gold and pink silk scrunchies from blissy

Enjoy the Feeling of Wearing Quality Silk Scrunchies

Blissy's silk scrunchies are made from soft 100% 6A mulberry silk fibers. Its 22-momme weight means the fabric has a higher number of silk strands per 100 yards of material. It's a similar concept to thread count for cotton material. The 22-momme refers to the weight of the silk per hundred yards. Blissy uses this premium weight silk for its scrunchies for its strength. But it isn't so heavy that it can't easily gather and flex as you put it in your hair.

The use of 6A 22-momme silk for the Blissy scrunchie brand results in a scrunchie that looks and feels good to the touch. You'll find your hands automatically reaching for a silk scrunchie instead of the polyester or cotton scrunchies in order to enjoy the luxury feel of silk.

black skinny silk scrunchies

So what are you waiting for? Ditch those hair ties that cause breakage, frizz, and creases. Trade it in for an accessory that is both fashionable and healthier for your hair.

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